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                        • 名称:加热板

                        • 型号:Warm Plate
                        • 厂商:其它品牌
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                        Electric CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator - Technical specifications
                        Temperature range3°C above room temperature to 50°C
                        Temperature control accuracy±0.4°C
                        Heating TechnologyElectric
                        Type of controllerHardware
                        Temperature feedbackPlate temperature feedback
                        Regime temperature Timeabout 15 min.
                        Weightc.a. 60 g
                        Control Unit Dimensions (LxWxH, mm)Depending on the WP model

                        Temperature Regulation

                        The temperature is regulated by a controller acting on the power dissipated by the electric resistances.
                        The thermocouple reads the temperature of the heated plate. A careful calibration performed in our laboratories guarantees that specimen temperature is maintained at the desired value.


                        The Warm Plate is powered at 24V DC. This improves the thermal stability, avoids electro-magnetic interference with microscope electronic or other devices and ensures the safety. In addition, an alarm warns if the temperature limit is reached.


                        The read temperature and the set temperature are at the same time displayed. It is possible to change the set temperature and the offset.


                        Read Temperature Software is available to get temperature readouts and store them in the computer memory.

                        Technical Data

                        Temperature Profiles

                        Temperature Profiles: Focus on 37°C
                        Thermal Stability within 0.3°C

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                        Warm Plate Models

                        The Warm Plate is availbe in two different materials: metal and transparent glass.
                        The transparent glass warm plate is suitable when a large observation area is required
                        They are both suitable for upright and inverted microscopes and can accommodate any kind cell culture support (35 mm Petri dishes, 60 mm Petri dishes, OKO-lab Special Petri Dishes, Multiwell plates, Chamber Slides and Flasks).
                        Dedicated adapters allow to fit them in any circular and rectangular XY stage insert.
                        Dedicated models for the Carl Zeiss PrimoStar microscope and for the Prior NanoScan Z Stage PZ100 are available

                        List of available Warm Plates:

                        Warm Plate Models

                        Round Metal Warm Plate:
                        Shaped as a flat disc. Observation area: 20 mm of diameter. Dimensions: 80.0 mm diameter, 3 mm thickness. Weight: c.a. 50 g. It can be equipped with dedicated adapters to fit into rectangular XY stage inserts or into circular XY stage inserts having diameters wider than 80mm.

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                        The rectangular adapter allows to fit the Round Warm Plate in any 160x110mm sized stage (i.e. Ludl BioPrecison and BioPoint, Marzhauser SCAN IM 120x100, Prior H107 and H117), A.S.I. stages and all mechanical flat stages. A dedicated stage insert to fit it into the Nikon TI-S-E motorised XY stage is also available. Circular adapters allows to fit the Round Warm Plate into circular XY stage inserts having diameters greater than 80mm.

                        Round Glass Warm Plate:
                        It is an optical clear glass plate uniformly heated with transparent elements. Observation area: 80 mm of diameter. Glass thickness: 2mm. Weight: c.a. 60g. Rectangular shaped models available upon request. It can be equipped with dedicated adapters to fit into circular XY stage inserts having diameters bigger than 80mm.

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                        image not available

                        Warm Plate for Carl Zeiss Primo Star:
                        This model is dedicated to fit on the Carl Zeiss PrimoStar upright microscope. Rectangular observation area: 45x14 mm. Weight: c.a. 50 g. Plate dimension: 100x103x2 mm.

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                        Warm Plate for Prior Piezo Stage:
                        Dedicated to fit into Prior NanoScan Z Stage PZ100. It can accept one 35mm Petri-dish. Upgradable to CO2 Piezo Incubator. Observation area: 40 mm diameter.Weight: c.a. 50 g. Plate dimension: 64.4x92.4x2.5 mm.

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